• Cameo Thread Mountable Laser Diode Module
  • Cameo Thread Mountable Laser Diode Module with DOE Lens
  • Cameo Thread Mountable Laser Diode Module

The Cameo series is a miniature laser diode module that has a threaded barrel for easy bulkhead mounting which ensures good thermal contact between module and heat sink.

This new concept in laser diode module design allows a laser diode, an adjustable collimating lens and a drive circuit to be incorporated within a body which is just 23mm long and all without compromising the performance. The Cameo offers high output power stability with transient and polarity protection, as well as electrical isolation between diode and case. It has a latching connector that improves reliability.

As standard the Cameo is available in five different wavelengths and three power output options. Several different collimating lens options are also available. The Cameo also has a wide range of extra optics to projects lines, crosses, grids, etc (please see our projections datasheet for further options).

1250 Series (Standard)
– Simple thread mounted industrial laser diode module
– Compact length for restricted areas
– User focusable
– Reliable connector construction
– Isolated metal case
– Designed for continuous cool running
– Simple to mount
– Wide range of lenses available

1260 Series (Gating)
– Offers the following additional features
– Third wire input facilitates rapid switching/gating
– Switching speeds up to 100kHz
– Operates directly from binary logic signals
– Effective in wide variety of light conditions
– Controlled chopping minimises power consumption and extends life
– Low speed enable input

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