The Beta TX is a complete self contained laser diode system which can operate in both CW and modulation modes. The Beta TX features high speed modulation with a bandwidth of 50 MHz. The Beta TX can be supplied in a range of wavelengths and output powers from the visible red to infrared. A high performance aspheric lens is fitted as standard, but other lenses are available including beam circularizers and line generators. Focusing is achieved using a simple key to prevent unauthorized adjustments.

The modulation capability of the Beta TX offers significant advantages to a number of different applications. It is ideal for all types of sensing systems, especially distance measurement by ‘time of flight’ where the high frequency modulation and the increased signal discrimination are a significant benefit. The broadband modulation also makes the Beta TX ideal for the transmission of audio, video or data information, particularly in free space communications.

Two models are available, the Beta TX features connection via flying leads, an interlock and TTL enable input. The Beta TX HS (High Speed) has a modulation input via a co-axial cable with a BNC plug to improve frequency response.

A wide range of mounting clamps are also available to allow the user to mount the laser module securely to a machine or workbench while allowing parallel and vertical adjustment.

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