Display Wavelength (nm) / OD

190-430 OD 5+
525-532 OD 1.5+
632-659 OD 1.4+
640-650 OD 2.5+



CE Rating

190–315 D LB7 + IR LB4
>315–400 DIRM LB5
.01W 2*10E-6J 532 RB1
.01W 2*10E-6J 630–<636 RB1
.1W 2*10E-5J 636–640 RB2

Lens Color




To compliment our range of red laser diode modules we have introduced the 190-400nm Laser Safety Glasses (Visible Alignment).

Two style glasses are available as standard. These are a modern wraparound style with wide field of view, adjustable temple angles for face form fit and secondly an overglasses style that comfortably fits over prescription glasses or alone, offering a full filed of view. If neither of these styles suit your requirements please call us to discuss alternative options.

The safety glasses are covered by a lifetime warranty, proving that the quality and structure of the components used are of the highest level of quality.

190-400nm Laser Safety Glasses (Visible Alignment) Graph

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