Global Laser is offering special pricing on the laser diodes listed below for a limited time. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a quotation.

Please Note: Minimum order and/or quantity restrictions may apply to some diodes.

Please click on the PDF below to open the datasheet for each laser diode.

Part Number Manufacturer Datasheet
638 20 DL-5148-030A Sanyo  pdf_icon
650 5 DL-3147-260 Sanyo  pdf_icon
650 5 DL-3147-285 Sanyo  pdf_icon
660 100 U-LD-66A051A UOC  pdf_icon
800 100 SDL-5311-G1 SDL  pdf_icon
810 100 SDL-5411-G1 SDL  pdf_icon
820 30 FIDL-30M-820X Frankfurt Laser  pdf_icon
830 40 DL-5032-001 Sanyo  pdf_icon

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