• GreenLyte Laser Diode Module | Laser for Alignment Applications
  • GreenLyte Laser Diode Module | Laser for Alignment Applications

The GreenLyte alignment laser meets the requirements for an industrial grade green laser diode system. The high visibility green output is required in many medical and industrial applications to give the required contrast on darker subjects.

The system comprises a ready to use laser, mains input power supply, connecting leads and mounting brackets.

The GreenLyte is self-contained, with no external control units or drivers. The solid state design uses a diode laser to produce a 532nm laser output of a few milliwatts power. The circular output beam is focussable to a high quality dot.

Accessory optics convert this to a line or a rotatable axis cross. The cross lines can be adjusted to be at exactly 90°, even when the laser is mounted at an angle to the surface.

The precision machined housing encloses, protects and stabilises the DPSS laser module, constant current drive circuits and optical assembly. The output beam is shaped by high quality lenses into a narrow, well-defined line or adjustable angle cross.

– Medical Alignment
– Wood Cutting
– Textile
– Screen Printing
– Stone Cutting
– Carpet bowing and cutting

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