The tubular mounting system from Global Laser provides a versatile solution for mounting laser diode modules above workstations, table saws, cutting tables and many other applications.

The robust systems comprises of an aluminium ¾ inch tube which can be floor, ceiling or wall mount via a metal base. The base allows the bar to rotate by 360°. A laser mount/s can be fixed to this bar which allows the angle of the laser diode module to be vertical adjusted via the mount. The mount can also be rotated by 360° around the bar and moved vertically in relation to the bar.

A second aluminium ¾ inch tube can be mounted perpendicular to this which is both vertical and horizontally adjustable. Upon this a laser mount/s can be fitted allowing vertical and horizontally adjustable of the laser module itself.

Tube length can be customized and laser module mounting clamps for the majority of Global Laser product range are available. A set of cable clamps are also supplied which each systems to allow users to clamp the laser diode modules power cables to the tube section of the mounting system.

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