The Laser Alignment Target is a plastic mounting bracket displaying a crosshair and millimetre and inch graduations up to 7cm/3inches.

Two magnets are fitted to the base to attach the target on a magnetic worktop, beam, girder, or other surface. This allows you to align or estimate the position and size of laser dots, lines, crosses, or other projections in well-lit indoor or outdoor environments.

A green version of the Laser Alignment Target is available for viewing red laser projections, and a red version for viewing green laser projections. The contrast between the colour of the background and laser projection helps increase visibility.


  • Align & position laser dots, lines, crosses
  • Includes crosshair, millimetre & inch graduations
  • Mount on magnetic worktops, beams & girders
  • Increase contrast by using green laser on red target & vice versa
  • Estimate spot sizes and line lengths

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