Global Laser has a wide range of options to offer when a customer wish to chose a system to allow the them to mount a laser module on a movable carriage which can be simply moved along a rail from one work section to the next.

Options range from the simple slide rail system were carriages can be moved by hand and locked into position, to computer controlled, motor driven systems. Were vertical movement is required, the vertical lead screw tube system can be used. this can secured to the workplace and the carriage moved vertically via adjustment of the lead screw.

All systems incorporate long life/low friction polymer bearings which are self lubricating, removing the need for messy dirt, attracting oils and greases. The rails are also hard anodized to further increase ruggedness. All rail systems are also available in stainless steel instead of aluminium. This makes the systems ideal for aggressive environments with high levels of dirt and dust or areas subject to wash down or high levels of moisture.

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