• LDM115 Laser Diode Module
  • LDM115 Laser Diode Module
  • LDM115 Laser Diode Module with LGO

The LDM115 is a laser diode module capable of emitting lines of different lengths and a variety of shapes and patterns using interchangeable projection optics. It emits an optional circular or elliptical beam that can be converted into lines, crosses, circles, grids, viewfinders, dot arrays, and more.

An innovative approach to structured illumination, you can easily interchange line-generating optics (LGO) and diffractive optical elements (DOE) by hand. The resulting projections can be used to align, position, and target objects of different shapes and surface profiles.

Wavelengths of green (520nm), red (635, 650, 670nm), and infrared (780, 850nm) are available with output powers up to 5mW. The green model emits light that appears more than 2X brighter to the human eye than the equivalent power in 635nm. As a result, you’re more likely to see these projections against dark materials, in high ambient light levels, or from long distances.

An optional TTL modulation input is available allowing you to drive your laser using a digital voltage signal. You can then change the mark-to-space ratio to control the mean intensity of the output beam, modulate the laser with coded information, or synchronise the laser with an external measurement device such as a photodetector or camera.

Housed in an electrically-isolated and ruggedised metallic body measuring 11mm in diameter, the LDM115 is successful in industrial applications such as:

– Object alignment/positioning
– Edge detection
– Bar code reading
– Dimensional scanning (metrology)
– Event/condition monitoring
– Target designation
– Gun sighting
– Optical fibre testing
– Robot control
– Entertainment (laser gaming)

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