Beta CW Laser Diode Module

The Beta CW from Global Laser is a robust, high quality laser diode module which provides a reliable laser source to a wide range of applications including alignment, edge detection and bar code reading.

A wide range of standard wavelength and powers are available for the Beta CW which also features the benefits of an isolated housing and reverse polarity protection as standard.

An A/R coated user adjustable collimating lens produces an elliptical output beam which can produce a collimated beam or can be focussed to produce a fine focussed spot. Lens assemblies which circularizer the beam or provided lower beam divergence can also be supplied. A variety of line generating optics can also be supplied. Some models also feature a TTL input to allow the output to be pulsed on and off via a TTL level signal.

A wide range of mounting clamps are also available which allows the user to mount the Beta CW securely to a machine or workbench while still allowing parallel and vertical adjustment.

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