• Varilite Laser Diode Module

The Varilite range combines all the features of Global Lasers Premier range with the addition of a threaded barrel to simplify mounting and ensure a good thermal contact between the module and the mount thus assisting with a good heat dissipation. It represents the highest level of optical and electrical performance at an economical price, a combination that is unmatched in the marketplace.

The secret to its superiority is a control circuit design that not only gives you excellent output power stability over time and temperature, but also offers fast, closed-loop modulation with an extinction ratio as high as 10,000:1. Two control circuits are available either the LC (Linear Control) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

The LC version allows you to control the output intensity linearly by applying a voltage of between 0 to 1 volts, to the control input. The output intensity will faithfully replicate any arbitrary signal you wish to apply within the limits of the laser modules maximum rise and fall time. The input is clamped so that if you were to apply a level greater than 1 volt, the output will not increase more than 5% above the factory set limit.

The PWM version allows you to use pulse width modulation of the output intensity from a TTL level input signal, within the limits of the laser modules maximum rise and fall time. You can therefore control the mean intensity of the laser beam simply by changing the mark to space ratio or modulate the laser with coded information.

A wide range of wavelength, powers and lens options are available, each combination having been carefully selected to provide you optimum performance, while ensuring the laser diode is never over driven.

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