Lyte-MV-2 Machine Vision Laser Thread Mountable IP68 Housing 24V

The Lyte-MV 2 provides a reliable industrial light source for a wide range of machine vision applications including triangulation, 3D inspection and alignment. It features IP67 protection, a threaded barrel and the ability to operate from industrial voltage sources such as 24Vdc while still providing market leading modulation features. The Lyte-MV 2 DCLM has the ability to be controlled and programmed via a USB interface.

Available with powers up to 120mW in Red and Blue, 50mW in Green and 200mW in IR. An array of optical options including circular and elliptical spots, uniform lines and diffractive patterns. Custom power and wavelength combinations are also available. Please contact us for a custom solution not mentioned in the product documentation.

The Lyte-MV 2 also has a user adjustable focus control, to allow the user to optimize the focus via an external control ring. The threaded barrel allows the user to mount the laser to bulkheads and mounting blocks while ensuring continues heat sinking. This M18 threaded barrel makes it compatible with the majority of existing machine vision systems. The modulation options allow the user to synchronize the output or continuous the power output via TTL or analogue modulation.

A comprehensive range of accessories including mounting clamps and rail systems, mains power supplies and laser safety and enhancement glasses are also available to complement the Lyte-MV 2.

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