The Survelase Mega combines all the features of Global Laser’s Survelase Maxi with the additional of a longer focal length lens to allow improved beam divergence and produce smaller focused spots over a wide working distance.

The 25mm diameter housing combines an achromatic lens, laser diode & APC control circuit which allows output powers up to 30mW, optional analogue or TTL modulation and the convenience of operating from a 5 volt DC power source. A further benefit is the lens arrangement is precisely set during manufacture to accurately aligned the output beam to the outer sleeve ensuring a high level of bore sight accuracy.

The Survelase Mega is suitable for a wide range of applications where a small spot at a longer distance is required, e.g. positioning, targeting and alignment. It is available in 650nm and more a visually intense 635nm where improved visibility is required. The focus mechanism allows the output beam to be adjusted to your requirements via a focus key.

A comprehensive range of accessories including mounting clampsrail systemslaser safety glasses and enhancement glasses are also available to complement the Survelase Mega.

– Surveying
– Targeting
– Positioning
– Measurement
– Alignment

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