When relying on a particular diode then the long-term availability has to be ensured to avoid any costly re-designs. Working closely with key manufacturers we are able to guarantee the long term supply. Where currents diodes are being discontinued in the market place we are able to provide many off the shelf like for like replacements. Within this range we offer laser diodes with wide ranges of wavelengths and power outputs that suit the diverse needs of our customers.

• Technical support to help you select the ideal laser diode for your application
• A wide range of laser diodes in stock for fast shipment
• Excellent value
• Advice on other elements of your system including optics, drive electronics & complete laser modules

Laser Diodes

TO-18 (5.6mm Ø) red, NIR and IR diodes
Built-in photo diode for monitoring
A wide range in stock for fast delivery
Excellent value

Laser Diode Specials

Wide ranges of wavelengths and power outputs
Last remaining stock from discontinued laser diode manufacturers including Sanyo
All available from stock for immediate dispactch