• Laser Development Kit | Include a wide range of interchangeable optics, a power supply, power leads and mounting clamp
  • GreenLyte Laser Diode Module | Laser for Alignment Applications
  • GreenLyte Laser Diode Module | Laser for Alignment Applications
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Clamp

Primarily designed to meet the needs of system integrators and developers who have to solve often changing challenges. The 532nm GreenLyte Development Kit which is 9 times bright then a 650nm laser to the human eye is particularly suited for use on surfaces such as hot steel, working at longer distances and in high ambient light level. Depending on the kit you have purchased a GreenLyte 532nm 1mW or5mW laser diode module

A mounting clamp, five interchangeable pattern optics, electrical leads and power supply allow the system to provide a complete solution, ready to use with no previous laser experience.

As a alignment kit, a heavy duty mounting clamp and a switched power supply is included. Laser positioning is made easy because the heavy duty mounting clamp which allows the laser to be adjusted and securely fixed at any required direction or angle as well as acting as a suitable heatsink. The power supply 110/240 Vac to 5.0V Amp is supplied with a UK, Euro & US plug.

Also included are five easy interchangeable projection options:

– Cross- 55° fan angle
– Short Line – 30° fan angle
– Long Line- 55° fan angle
– Extra Long Line – 90° fan angle
– Long Line + Dot –100° fan angle
For more information on these lenses please refer to the projections lenses page.

All provided with a rugged and attractive plastic carrying case designed to securely store all the kits components.

The GreenLyte Alignment Kit Contains
– GreenLyte 532nm, 1mW or 5mW Laser Diode Module
– 5 interchangeable optics
– Power Supply 110/240 Vac to 3.5V DC
– UK, Euro and US Power leads
– Heavy Duty Mounting Clamp
– Focus Keys
– Heavy Duty Carry Case

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