• Acculase Laser Diode Module | High bore sight accuracy laser in LC or PWM
  • Acculase Laser Diode Module |High bore sight accuracy laser in LC or PWM

Available in 520nm wavelength and with powers output powers up to 35mW the Acculase Direct Drive Green PWM represents the highest level of optical and electrical performance at an economical price, a combination that is unmatched in the marketplace. It also has the additional benefit of the output beam being accurately aligned to the outer sleeve during manufacture.

The secret of their superiority is a control circuit design that not only gives you excellent output power stability over time and temperature, but also offers fast, closed-loop modulation with an extinction ratio as high as 10,000:1. The PWM version allows you to use pulse width modulation of the output intensity from a TTL level input signal, again within the limits of the laser diode module’s maximum rise and fall time. You can therefore control the mean intensity of the laser beam simply by changing the mark to space ratio or modulate the laser with coded information.

A range of wavelengths, powers and lens options are available, each combination having been carefully selected to provide you optimum performance, while ensuring the laser diode is never over driven.

The direct drive green laser diode offers significant advantages over green DPSS laser diode modules in terms of beam quality, efficiency, stability and lifetime making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

– Alignment and Positioning
– Spectroscopy
– Sensors
– Particle Measurement

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