• Panel Board Detector OEM Factor
  • Panel Board Detector OEM Factor with IP67 Housing

The Panel Detector is a surface mountable laser detection module that synchronises with your TTL modulated laser to create a beam break system. It achieves this by only detecting laser light modulated at a particular frequency and rejecting ambient light.

Widening the acceptance angle to 160°, an integrated hemispherical optic allows you to mount the Panel Detector in different directions relative to the laser source. A white LED indicator illuminates when the Panel Detector captures a signal with the correct modulation frequency.

An OEM version can be integrated with the surface of an enclosed system or a wall in your production facility. An IP67- certified version is water-, dust- and debris-proof and can therefore be operated in outdoor and harsh environments.

The Panel Detector outputs a TTL logic low signal (“signal out”) upon detection of 400-1100 nm laser light modulated at the same frequency pre-set in the detector. You can then optionally monitor the signal out with a test instrument (e.g. oscilloscope) via a connection lead.

You can also send the detected modulation frequency back to the laser via another connection lead. This generates a feedback loop resulting in an easy-to-use beam break system typically used in motion sensing and event/condition monitoring applications. This also removes the need for a separate signal generator to drive the laser.

The Panel Detector is designed for synchronisation with the Panel Laser, Gated Cameo, and TTL versions of the Acculase, Lyte-MV, FireFly, and Imatronic ranges by Global Laser.

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