BlueLyte 405nm Laser Diode Module
BlueLyte Laser Diode Module

– Powers up to 75mW
– Linear control or pulse width modulation internal driver board
– Choice of lenses to provide elliptical or circular beams
– Optional line generating optics

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Lyte-MV-2 Machine Vision Laser Thread Mountable IP68 Housing 24V
Lyte-MV 2 Machine Vision Laser

– Powers up to 120mW
– M18 threaded body for simple and easy mounting
– IP67 rated, water and dust proof
– External, user adjustable focus without removing the line optics
– 5V to 30V supply

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Lyte-MV Machine Vision Laser | Laser for Machine Vision Applications
Lyte-MV Machine Vision Laser

– Laser diode module emitting a uniform (non-Gaussian) line with user-adjustable focus
– Successfully use with most machine vision cameras
– Interchangeable lines, shapes, and patterns with low zero order intensity
– Visible and IR wavelengths with powers up to 200 mW
– CW, linear analogue modulation, or digital TTL control

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Lyte-MV-EXCEL Machine Vision Laser | Laser for Machine Vision Applications
Lyte-MV-EXCEL Machine Vision Laser

As the Lyte-MV with added benefits:
– Unique user adjustable focus without removing line optics
– Laser classification maintained during focusing
– Improved linewidth

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