Projection Lenses

For use with a wide range of our laser diode modules
Optics available include, circles, crosses, multiple lines and viewfinders
Custom optics are available upon request

Power Supplies

110-240 vac input via IEC lead
Power outlets for 1 or 4 laser diode modules
CE marked
Power on LED indicator
Optional key switch

Battery Box Power Supply

Laser can run directly from battery supply
Provides up to 70 hours of laser operation (laser dependent)

24 Volt Inline Adaptor

5V laser can be powered directly from 24V
Up to 150mA supply
Variety of connectors available including binder, flying leads, JST and DC

Mounting Clamps

Mounting clamps to fit 11 to 25mm laser diode modules
Parallel and horizontal adjustments
Can be used as a heat sink

Laser Alignment Rails

Manual and belt drive alignment rails
Maintenance free
Positioning accuracy of up to 0.1mm
Stainless steel which is ideal for areas that require wash downs
Compatible with all laser mounts


M5 holes at regular intervals
Designed to be used with the heavy duty mounting clamp and MK1 clamp
Sizes range between 10cms (4″) and 30cms (12″) in length

Tubular Mounting Systems

Versatile solution for mounting laser diode modules above workstations, table saws, cutting tables and many other applications
Robust ¾ inch lightweight aluminium tube
Easily mountable to floor, ceiling or wall with metal mounting base
Bar lengths are made to order and integrates with the majority of our mounting clamps

IP68 Waterproof Housing

IP68 rated (dust tight and continuous submersion)
Stainless steel 316 housing
Compatible with the Lyte-MV, Lyte-MV-EXCEL and GreenLyte-MV-EXCEL

Infra Red (IR) Detector Card

Wavelength coverage from 785-1200nm
Low cost alternatives to an IR viewer
Protective plastic coating for durability

iC-WKN - 2.4V to 15V DC CW Laser Driver with High Laser Diode Driver Currents (IC Form)

CW operation up to 300mA from 2.4 to 15V supply voltage
Rapid soft start after power-on typical with 70µs
Optimised for N-type laser diodes
Simple output power adjustment via an external resistor (APC)

iC-WKL - 2.4V to 6V DC CW Laser Driver (IC Form)

CW operation up to 90mA from 2.4 to 6V supply voltage
Rapid soft start after power-on typical with 70µs
Simple power adjustment via the external resistor
Control loop accuracy better than 1% with changes in temperature, supply voltage and load current

Laser Interface Box

Power and modulate most of Global Laser’s range of lasers
Avoids the inconvenience and cost of building test circuits or wiring looms
LED indicating the ON/OFF status of laser emission
Two models available that are compatible with 5V and 10V lasers
Includes a 110/240V power supply with UK, US, Euro & AUS plugs