Multipurpose Lasers

Industry standard sizes
CW or optional TTL
Dots, lines, cross projections, DOE’s

Modulatable Range

Linear intensity control or
pulse width modulation (TTL)
Red or IR powers up to 150mW

Alignment Lasers

Plug & play alignment systems
Available in red or green output
Wide range of user adjustable optics

Machine Vision Lasers

Uniform (non Gaussian) line
Excellent focus and line quality
Blue, Green,Reds & IR, powers up to 200mW

Green Laser Range

Powers up to 50mW
TE performance without TE cooling
Available in wide variety of output projections

Blue Laser Range

Powers up to 120mW
CW, linear intensity control or pulse width modulation
Dots, lines, cross projections & DOE’s

Long Distance Targeting Lasers

Small well defined spots over a long distance
Red output with powers up to 35mW
High accuracy boresight

Fibre Coupled Lasers

Variety of fibre types & terminations
Linear intensity control or pulse width modulation (TTL)
Blue, red & IR, powers up to 100mW

DCLM Development Kit

Combines all the functionality of Global Laser MV development kit with the addition of a market leading Digital Control circuit

Thread Mountable Lasers

M12 and M18 threaded bodies
Designed for easy and versatile mounting


Laser light detector
Indoor & outdoor applications
High ambient light rejections

Laser Safetywear

Variety of frame styles
All glasses are CE certified
Lifetime warranty

Laser Development Kits

Available in red or green outputs
Variety of interchangeable optics
Ideal for integrators and developers

Diode Collimator Assemblies

Compact 8mm diameter housing
Wide range of powers and wavelengths
Collimated beams or elliptical spots

Laser Diodes & Components

TO-18 (5.6mm Ø) red, NIR and IR diodes
Built-in photo diode for monitoring
A wide range in stock for fast delivery


Power Supplies
Mounts, Brackets & Alignment Rails
Projection Optics (DOEs)
Infra Red (IR) Detector Cards