In the event that none of our standard products meet your exact requirements, our customised fast track service provides single prototypes and small production runs in just a few days. Our engineering and design team have over 50 man year’s experience in low power laser diode module design. In-house facilities include a machine workshop for customised housing prototyping, a fully equipped laboratory with a wide range of test equipment for laser beam profiling, wavelength measurement and power setting. This service allows Global Laser to respond rapidly to customer requests, with a technically efficient and cost effective solution which shortens the time to market for our customers.¬†Some of the fast track prototyping services include:

Electronics design including:
– PCB design
– Electronics assembly
– Intensity control
– Gating and modulation functionality

Optics Design including:
– Elliptical or circular beams
– Line generation of specific lengths and widths
– Diffractive optical element design

Detector and system solutions

Customised housings machined to your exact requirements
– Laser etching of serial numbers, part numbers, bar codes or logos

Specific test and measurement including:
– Beam profiling
– Wavelength measurement
– Power setting
– Laser burn-in testing