Laser Triangulation
Machine Vision with Laser Triangulation - Application Guide

Machine vision is a technology used to automatically inspect and measure objects and surfaces. Typically, a visible or infrared light source illuminates the target surface, and a machine vision camera or position sensitive detector (PSD) captures the reflection.  Software is then used to automatically reconstruct objects in a digital environment, verify product conformity, perform presence checks, or detect faults along a production line. This can increase speeds, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of quality control processes in industry.

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Laser Alignment
Laser Alignment - Application Guide

Laser alignment is used to quickly and accurately align, position, and target objects and materials. This is achieved by aiming a laser beam onto a target surface. The resulting laser spot, line, or pattern is used as a visual guide or reference point. A highly efficient and non-contact process, laser alignment can reduce manual labour costs, improve quality control (QC), and increase productivity in the textiles, medical, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

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